Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Of unbounded connections

Increasing introspective efforts allow deeper excursions. It seems that there are moments when I’m getting to the centre of my mind where everything, every crest is in this lava sea of experiences blended together. Alright, to be honest it’s hardly like that, sorry to burst the romantic notion.

However, I believe in this deeper level when things get grouped in bigger marbles, though the existence of One Marble to rule them all is a mere guess, even if there are hints to that. This is all but a hypothesis, though it happens in some levels when I think of experiences that are no longer memories but became feelings that shared connections.

It’s this somewhat complex idea that when experiences share some crests, this crest can surface to both, which makes elements from one showing in the other one. I think this is how dreams are made of. I believe that this is when the level of dementia reaches a level when crests surface everywhere uncontrollably.

There’s one example for this complex mixture and resurfacing. I think of the girls who shared my romantic affections and then I find them having crossed this division veil where they lose their personal identity. There their identity is all but the part of a bigger one. It’s the Amethyst marble, probably.

The thing that fascinates me the most about this concept is that, as these girls share these crests, it can surface to other ones. If there’s one girl whom I love like I never did, she can even take these other crests to her only. It strengths my passion for her, as these fusions between, say, Rose Amethysts with Lazulite Art from one girl, or Orchid Amethysts with Gray Zircons from the other one, build together to one marble, and all those other crests also belong to her. That is, the girl who rules the amethysts can possess the fused crests encrusted into the amethysts made by other girls. If I think well about it, it’s as if she was in every of my ten gems.

Love is complex. But all I want to say is: I can only think of her all the time, and I feel her everywhere. At least now I understand it, even if through an almost mathematical explanation.

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