Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Of new LAZ, AMT and CHR definitions

Before getting the gemstones together in my reliquary box, the first gemstones weren’t polished to behave along the others. They were independent and I didn’t have the pretense to do what I’m doing with them now. So now it’s something I need to do, to sharpen their edges. They need some burnish to adapt to all these neighboring matters.

The Lazulites were very poorly described in my first attempt. But the main word to describe it has already been said. It represents certain things that feel magical to me. Lazulites can also represent the ethereal and mysterious. It was strongly influenced by how fanatic I was about Harry Potter when I was a kid. This Lazulite feeling can also be seen in my fascination with lights. It requires the darkness of the night for the city lights or the stars up above. It’s in beautiful piano lullabies and fairy tales (such as Arabian Nights, or that certain magic of Disney movies). It can also be the tonality of colors, like most deep colors (as magical as the golden scars in the deep blueness of the Lapis Lazuli feel to me), or in deep voice of string instruments, like soaring cellos. It is also in certain lines and shapes that I’m yet to explore further. It’s about colors and shapes that I feel so connected with it makes me feel home. It neighbors Ambers in this feeling of comfort. It also goes unexpectedly well with Garnets, but maybe it is not such a surprise, as they share the taste for the mystery, though with different approaches.

The Amethysts are the feeling of love. It represents the connections that deep romantic relationships have embedded in me. The love for the feminity that I once attributed to Áine now feels more fitting in here. It’s the love for silk clothing and lacework lingeries, and the beloved one’s soft lips and gentle skin. It’s her attractive shyness and delicacy and her stunning hidden wilderness. But the frustrations also have their place in here, and they are the Dark Amethysts, the haunting memories and fears that misadventures can bring. Amethysts have peculiar ability to mend deeply with all other gems through the fusion of meanings (considering how unbounded crests can be). But they have a natural connection with Ambers, but also with the interesting mysteriousness of Lazulites. Grey Zircons also are somehow strongly connected with Dark Amethysts.

Chrysoberyls have already been well defined, but I later noticed how inherently present it is in the air and the sky. It’s in opened fields, it’s where winds blow. It’s in the mountains of white clouds. It’s in the weighing of proportions, in the length of distances. It’s in the joy of travels and explorations and the sight of little things far towards the horizon. It has interesting combinations with Peridots, Zircons and Aquamarines, whenever the wind breezes and the sky greets us. The ethereality of Lazulites is also one of the vertices through which both can neighbor.

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