Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Of paradoxical spells

While spells are these chest motions or these instant resolves that seem to work more efficiently with my issues, sometimes a good line of thought, like a password of some sorts can be equally effective. That is, as long as the word is carried with a meaning, which is interesting, because it is exactly what the name of spells has became.

Some of the spells I’ve given a name now can happen because of the words that compose the name of the spell (though there seems to be an actual spell of command that makes me think of that). And when I think “Spell of Elemental Focus”, like I’m wearing a colored colant before the finishing blow, I’ve got the chance of making the change happen.

I wonder if there’s any point in having the spells wordless if it’s all working. To be honest, this is a conflict between my own experience of this all and the way I’m talking about it on the blog, as I’m almost involuntarily naming everything I see.

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