Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Of Q. Marbles

The exercise I’ve once done with the Fire Ensemble has been having a repeated effect again now with the gemstones. It’s the idea of putting meaning into this condensed mass to represent all those minor things.

Most of the time this process, contrary to the Q. Gathering, was natural. Only in a few occasions I’ve found myself trying to cram in these marbles more meaning that it would be wise to. They are like artificial creations, and lack the depth that true creations have.

It’s interesting to note all the combinations that compose a Q. Marble. For instance, in spite of having those gemstones that are marbles in themselves, there’s also this one marble that is the combination of three of them, this mix of Peridots, Garnets and Zircons.

This could be a ridiculous returning quintessence as it is basically the main point of what a quintessence was in the first place. But then the overall meaning of the concept can get so large that I think it serves the purpose of letting this interesting characteristic clear.

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