Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Of mysterious crest formations

I have in my mind one image I don’t remember where it’s from. It’s like one of those dreams people have throughout their lives, but mine doesn’t show up in my dreams, but I feel it around when I’m my introspective travels.

It’s in quintessential shape, so it’s not exactly an image. It’s the feeling of an image, that when I pay attention to it, the details appear in an interesting way. So, it’s an image of a house. It’s a german-like house in a farm-like place. When I wander closer to the building, in a mindwalking-like way, I feel the painting wearing off from the wooden walls.

It’s surrounded by dense and dark trees, and there might be a lake or pond of some sort nearby. If I get close to it, I feel it has rained recently. The illumination of the scene gives it that special tone. The whole thing build in me a comforting and at the same time melancholic feeling to it.

It has a feeling like it belonged to my grandmother, but I’m sure they never had a house like this, so for this reason I’m almost sure this isn’t a completely real place. I think there might be this one house out there that has had a major influence on this image, but sometimes I can feel other memories adding their spices to it.

I have visited places like this in the city I grew up in. It was a place with german, polish and ucranian colonies and as immigrants as they were, they would emanate a strong sense of culture (so much the place feels like being those countries). It’s no wonder why I got this Scandinavian and Slavic crests influencing me.

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