Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Of mindscapes and recalled crests

There’s a very easy connection between mindscapes and crests, as the experiences are influential to the next ones. But this influence is usually something very, very subtle. That makes it often and difficult for me to know when I’m actually tasting a mindscape or recalling a past crest.

But there’s a degree to the influence one crest can have over the current mindscape.
As far as I can tell, recalling crests is mostly a nostalgic travel, maybe a delta experience. There are some characteristics of recalled crests I can use to identify it. For instance, when recalling is happening, lost memories arise by smells or sights or the overall experience.

On the other hand, mindscapes expand the experience the crest has enabled. It is done with Combined Mindscapes, as it is usually music and the landscape, or the smell and landscape, or the emotional mindscape combined with smells and music. Not sure about it, but maybe it could be said it would be the combination of two crests.

But the actual sign that differs the mindscape from a recalled crest is by being able to notice when the Wehmut Process is triggered. It only seems to happen from mindscapes. Recalled crests are just the tasting of memories, and mindscapes are the beginning of actual new experiences (though a night well-spent in deep recalling of crests can, weirdly, be a mindscape, as the surroundings become part of the thing).

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