Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Of unrestrained crests

There seems to be something in the mind working to prevent crests from running wild. It’s some braking system that goes loose when we sleep, or when sanity withers.

I’ve first noticed this when I was watching a movie and I fell asleep. But, as the division veil between being awake and asleep is so faint, there was this moment when the things I was watching and things I was dreaming were blending together. Soon when I woke up and noticed the weirdest things I was experiencing were regurgitated short-term crests. Some character from a book and the artstyle from somewhere else were brought up for some reason.

As it seems this explains how dreams can always be so nonsensical, sometimes I also think that could also be related to dementia. Now, I don’t know much about psychic illnesses, and honestly it’s not even my main interest, but this time I’m interested about it.

It’s as if one would control of his mind like one loses control of his bladder, and crests run completely crazy. Paranoia and schizophrenia would be triggered by this failed braking system…

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