Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Of Crests (revisited)

Keeping track of my thoughts has one very interesting side effect to it. As my interest towards a seed of thought grows and I keep studying and studying it, the whole process is being recorded. This is what happened to crests, since its first true hint appeared in the posts about cobwebs, and they were still confused with actual mindscapes, then going to undertones to finally being crest, which is a name that has survived time.

All this time the concept has been growing very consistently. It’s relation with quintessences, mindscapes, and the wehmut process gives it a solid look, I think. And as frequent as it is in my life, I’m very often wondering on it, as it gives me enough material to think about. This time I’ll try to expand a little more the concept by analyzing more complex effects they have in my mind, as well as trying to face some subtleties that I’ve ignored the first time around.

Though the basic idea behind crests are quite simple, I like how it was pivotal for the new way I’m understanding the way my mind works. And for one who is doing this barely with introspective skills as studying tool, I’ve got a secret pride for learning this much already. However, they are representing such a significant discovery that is bringing me so many answers that I am starting to find it very suspicious. But I will wait for another time for a true inquiry.

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