Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Of crests-through-absence

It seems crests aren’t formed only out of things we live. They can also be created from our inner longings. It’s in our dreams and things we desire to experience. It can also be created from impositions or as a response to all other negative experiences.

This is something that becomes less of a psychological matter and more of a social one. I find it dangerous how some social constructs can lead to the installation of painful crests. I talk about them being painful as the desires installed in us force us to fit ourselves in shapes that we find difficult to.

The emptiness and distress we go through seem to be in our incapability to meet some of these crests-through absence. One can’t feel satisfied as the crests call and we can’t attend the demand. It occurs with much more subtlety than I’m making it to be, though. Some crests are making their work from a peripheral position, from where they make indirect influence that is hard to be perceived.

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