Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Of my water-like emotions

My creations have a drawback to them as they become different from what they actually are. It’s something close, but not entirely related to Creator’s Paradox.

Once I am talking about my emotions in a way that they even create characters, it’s as if they were that spiceful and defined. However, when I’m paying attention to them, they much less colorful. As I feel them, they’re much like a body of heated-up water.

It’s as if what made the emotions different, even those felt-thoughts, was like they’re syntonized frequencies of this boiling up process. I think maybe trances happen more easily when my feelings and my sensibility to them are reaching this boiling state.

It reminds me of this band, Riverside. I once wasn’t able to get into them because it felt so untasteful, but nowadays the taste I feel from them is very comforting. As if I was listening to how my emotions feel more like. The ideas I express seem to be some form of materializations that crests of mine take a chance to let some influence in.

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