Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Of Gemstones

Less than one year ago, in a stream of thought beginning on the post about cobwebs and that was to become my crest theory I had the intention to find all the most appealing things to me. When I had in it an official mission, I didn’t know how I was going to do it. And yet, here I am, with my crests condensed to ten major ones, and the way it is being presented is something I couldn’t even dream back then.

One’s got to notice how some gemstones represent characteristics of my Flames. I guess it’s a returning quintessence because the Fire Ensemble didn’t seem to explain everything, and so my mind would still need a materialization that would grasp minor subtleties that I didn’t the first time.

The problem is that I don’t think this attempt will make this match happen. This system I’ve developed is very simplified, and very flawed. Very, very flawed. I’m lucky if these gems I’ve chosen can hold 75% of my experiences... There are much more subtle experiences that I can’t find to fit in there.

Also, there’s the thing about how I didn’t settle for a standard for them. Take the names, and they weren’t chosen for the same reasons. Some for the color, others because of the meaning, and a few more on how cool the name sounded like. I’m afraid one of them could fall and bring the rest down. The fact I’ve rounded it up to ten also means some parts were made more fragile with the tension of the stretching.

I wonder on the side effects. What will be my life like with this? Will it help me keep Iis and Frosq away and by this breach I could conquer over the hordes of the Dark Army? Or will this have a negative impact, such as making me paranoid to analyse the gems in every vortex I find? Or, worse, will I limit myself to them? Perhaps I should make for a quest to find the 11th Gem (it sounds amazing, actually).

But it’s not like I can say there’s absolutely no hint of pride when I stare at my job. I like how it felt working, and they truly felt like emanating these feelings when I was spell-thinking of them. So I’m going to release it anyway, and I’ll be considering this just the first version. However, I plan on not working on it again. If I let it do the way it wants, my mind will keep on working on it, and I think I deserve a break from it.

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