Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Of Q. Gathering

My mind is made of very solid events that become elements converging into ingredients that create a quintessence. It’s the concept of the experiences and its components being merged together into one single mass of a feeling that is what the quintessence is basically all about.

The effect of the Quintessential Gathering can be perceived when I see people trying to describe the elements that made the experience special to them. In a way this idea doesn’t seem so strong as it has already been talked about. This is basically a returning quintessence of the vortexes and undercurrents.

It’s unfortunately a returning quintessence of the vortexes and undercurrents, but applicable to the mental process (and here it works as a motif and equation). By understanding this it can be brought to several artistic systems. Sequentiality studies, once divided from non-sequential arts, are now belonging together thanks to this. It’s important for the Alphabetical Impressions, as a name creates a gather of letters that form the overall impression of the word.

Life is scary under this realization of gathered ingredients. After all, every little experience is an added pixel to the whole of the picture. And I’m finding myself analyzing what experiences I’m going to have. But they can be seen as opportunities for building up the next generations in a positive way.

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