Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Of Book of Spells

Here I got listed some experiences that I could identify, or at least relate with the idea of spells. They’re mostly hypothetical, as they happened once, or were automatic, or then were passive spells. They are quite useless, to be honest. Shouldn’t be taken really seriously. I just done them to satisfy the demands of creativity, but they serve the purpose of helping my understanding the idea better.

Spell of Realization (Update): Sometimes mind is locked in a time frame while the world is advancing relentlessly. It’s by noticing I follow things people older than me have taught me, but realizing those people were my cousins five years older than me, being they were fifteen at the time. When I seek to realize those things, sometimes the spell of update works.

Spell of Realization (Delete): My mind is filled up with unspoken thoughts and discarded choices and names. Again, the realization that I’ve never said things I wish I had said or that I’m dealing with ideas like I was carrying their whole history makes the burden vanish somehow, but only sometimes.
Spell of Independence: This is a felt thought that erases the Outsider Complex and makes my life easier as I feel life as I want it. It is necessary for Trances. It used to be easier before Ushag and Csillag started chasing it down.

Spell of Reloaded Resilience: When I feel my energy is going down, I can do the Passive Spell of Gritted Teeth, or then do the actual spell that fills me up with energy to take a few extra blows. It’s weird, I think it borrows the energy from somewhere, and it would be actually damaging to my resilience as I’m sure there must be a price for it.

Spell of Absorption: although this is an active spell, it’s also an automatic and subtle one. It’s when I see a vortex and I find myself trying to understand it. When I see a picture that attracts me, the Spell of Absorption is dealing with Gusto Effect, and as it becomes a little crest, it is going to influence me in the future.

Spell of Closed/Opened Gates: This seems to be a mix of active and passive spells. It’s for the transition between activities. Sensibility is vital for introspective excursions, but the increase of perception makes me more easily irritated. There are moments when I need to get more logical and less emotional, as when I go to the bank or deal with other bureaucracies. There are moments when trances or dissection and naming shouldn’t happen, at the same time they should help me getting me that vibe on when trances are wanted.

Spell of Purge: it’s the effect Trygve has when I attend the call of Black Opals. When there’s this pain that seems harvestable, the immersion in it, instead of aversion, helps me get clean, somehow. It’s the spell for lightening of the soul.

Spell of Elemental Focus: When people are all around me asking things, or when there’s too much chaos surrounding me, this is a spell I can do sometimes to get myself on track. When I get myself focused, I can answer questions more appropriately or find the fittest choices. The “calm down” movement with my hands while moving my lips with the command also helps this spell.

Spell of You-Can-Do-Better-Than-That: My drawings always start lame and they just get better the more layers I add. The quality of my drawings is always a simple matter of how much layers I can do before I get tired. This is a thought I have that makes me challenged to keep going and doing a better work, mainly when I see I mistake and I can’t pretend to ignore it. This automatic active spell is for Vesta. (and, actually, I think it’s her source from when I first thought of something that would be called Vesta).

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