Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Of Aquamarines

Every gem has a trait that puts them apart from others. And the defining trait of Aquamarines is that it is made mainly of crests-through-absence, or crests whose call I don’t particularly like to attend. It represents some pressure to socialize, by going to beaches and going to parties. I particularly don’t like doing those things, but I must do it once in a while just to attend to this crest’s call.

As it represents beaches, it means where we find all the beautiful girls, and it’s summer time and carnival. It’s the brazilian culture that is forced into me, and that I can’t deny entirely. It’s where I should make myself more like a brazilian stereotype of sun-loving individual who’s sensual and has got the grip for dealing with women. I don’t have any of those qualities (except bearing a loving heart and loving food and some laughs), and maybe it’s the reason for my isolation.

It’s my crest of frustration. Even if it represents the summer, and that I like the freshness of summer nights. Aquamarines are related to Amethysts, these summer flings that never happened. Aquamarines and Zircons combined make to me the effect of parties and electronic music.

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