Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Of Spells (revisited)

Since I’ve first talked about Spells, I’ve been sticking to the idea of this wordless inner stream of emotions that I could handle around and do everything more effectively as I was using a nuclear language. As excited as I became with it and the things I could do with it, I think I lost sight of how to deal with it.

The matter at hand is that, fortunately, it is something real. It seems to exist and isn’t just some brilliantly stupid idea. It’s very hard to be aware against it, as the state of mind that seems to make it decreases the awareness or something. This state of mind might very well be the trance, which is a state in which my thoughts are instinctive, and something around 500mt my thoughts seem to become more quintessential. Too fast for words to follow.

The most recent realization I had about spells is how they are resembling of the lightspeed scanning and the instant resolve. That is, as spells are quintessential works, they happen very fast. If spells need trances, and trances give strength to my flames, spells can be used to protect me.

Defensive spells are the ones I experiment more frequently. It could be that twisting thing I once used to feel very often around September or October last year, characterized by the transformation of the fear into sparkles of stories. In more recent generations, it’s been Trygve and Zhu Rong acting like my military defense. The incoming lead attack is repelled by this barrier.

All those other things I’ve been acknowledging as spells are just these chest motions that happen, and that I wish to replicate as they would have some potential.

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