Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Of Q. Materialization

The process of making a quintessence can also be reversed. That is, the quintessence can be disassembled back into the pieces and cogs that made it. For instance, the chrysoberyl quintessence I once dismantled into a whole lot of little memories that added to how the crest would feel.

It’s possible through the process of crossing the Division Veil back to the solid shapes. It’s the inverted process of the Gathering. It goes towards the unamalgamation of the quintessence. It’s the exercise of materialization of recalling the quintessence that is the crest and bringing the ingredients back to the shapes of their own.

However, in the bigger scheme, Quintessential Materialization represents my efforts to bring all those things I feel up to surface reality. When making a composition, one is trying to materialize the idea they have up in their heads, and by so they analyze their work and this little portion of color added to that spot, or that little guitar fill in between the verses…

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