Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Of Crest’s Call

Spending my time in introspective exploits has granted me more sensibility in listening to my mind. Its longings and fears can get clearer and clearer the more towards it. And by listening to its desires and giving what it wants is an engagement to get nuclear rewards.

Somehow, crests have this tendency to reverberate inside my mind and call for being reexperienced. It’s tricky and difficult to spot what crest is the one that is making the real call, but if I have the luck to find it, the satisfaction that shows lightens my mind immensely.

There are moments when I feel an apathy that is like nothing can be appealing to me. The emptiness I feel can’t be undone. But that can be a mischievous misconception. My mind is always eager for something. And although it’s an imperfect work, I think gemstones could cover my crests, and I think I can use of it to fool Iis’ Eclipse.

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