Monday, September 30, 2013

Of art, love and rape

I might have become spoiled and careless, but I think I’ve grown used to having simple solutions to big problems and doubts I used to have. So I think I should take it with a grain of salt when I say I might have finally learned that I think can significantly improve my works. It might even be the one key role in the mystery of trances.

The answer is, after all, too obvious to be true that I’m actually mentioning it, but yeah, it’s about treating my tasks something we value immensely. Consider it like a kiss. Gently, softly, with absolutely no hurry, but with extra care. Respectful and delicate tasting at the beginning, finding our ways in a temperate manner.

Art seems to demand to be treated with respect, so it has to feel comfortable in our hands before delivering themselves to us. It’s when we’re willing to explore further, the creativity and burning passion quite characteristic of trances naturally come by. The gentleness attract butterflies.

I’ve been having trouble finding trances lately while I was feeling forced to work with creative forces. I had a terrible block and I just couldn’t afford the demand. I was having such a hard time creating that I was doing it so brutally. A proper analogy to this context is that I was raping my way to creation.

Hard lesson: It can’t be through violence we’ll become one in trance.

It’s the logic of love-making, but it isn’t from the system of sex, but also from other systems with artistic characteristics. So sex is art, drawing is art, cooking is art. It’s through the foreplay and getting acquainted with the ingredients that the art blooms and things I want to try and explore show up, while in those rape attempts things come clunky and awkward.

Of course, sometimes gentleness isn’t required and trances are handed promptly, but that requires the use of Release and Restraint for these passions to happen like this. And with that I can get trances only now and then, and when I needed them I just couldn’t find them anywhere.

So far I couldn’t get many evidences so far that these foreplays are actually going to be so effective. Different activities still require some different kinds of patience, so it won’t always be so easy to just sit down and do warmups. I think one other important factor in the foreplay is to constantly remember the reason we love what we are doing.

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