Monday, September 30, 2013

Of artificial mind-like systems

I always wonder if I can’t be considered a scientist just for the lack of a degree and because I’ve been avoiding articles and researches and have been doing my studies absolutely entirely on my own observations. But the academy doesn’t seem appealing to me anymore. I want to work with science in my own terms.

I am more liberal to the methods and I am more open to having fields being blended together. In fact, one of my magnathesis is exactly how all fields are more interconnected than they’re currently believed to. And then again, albeit slow, it’s not like I’m not getting anywhere,

By doing things differently I might get different results – that’s also one of my thesis, to try things under a new light. And I hope I can keep in my way to get them. Somehow I owe that to mankind in both ways – the progress we’ve achieved and damage that we’ve done.

I have to make some contribution in art and science and I think through philosophy of the mind and those sort of metathoughts I can help the way things are perceived. Also, it’s not just the human mind but I’m also considering how the artificial mind could work. For instance, the way artificial brains and programs could be arranged and engineered so that they can emulate the amazing cognitive power we have. And so the more we understand how our amazing brain works, this most marvelous tool we’ve got, it’ll be easier to recreate it artificially and improve machines themselves.

Ok, so this was me trying to get into the field of artificial intelligence and programming. Being such an amateur, I ask to be forgiven for such a short topic, but then again, this is how it all starts.

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