Monday, September 30, 2013

Of String Spine (and parallel layers)

Picking and choosing is probably the hardest part of creation process. From the multitude of thalassic possibilities, we often have to come up with one chosen idea, which makes my heart cringe. But it’s not for the need to leave the comfort of thalassic zone that I think I should undervalue the other possibilities.

In the same manner as different forms of language can communicate different messages to us, alternative ideas for stringing are great too. For instance, I once did stringing before realizing it as a string, which was to organize into departments and ministries as I first did before the flames even existed. The black vs white wolf, is also another way to allegorize those feelings, in a much more simplified way. It works as a corroborating parallel, needed to examine details too neglected in the standard main version of stringing.

The existence of parallel and horizontal spreading of strings will probably make it become a hell harder to organize, but it shows possibilities that are much better for me to perceive things a vicious mind trapped in the same kind of strings can easily leave ignored.

But then again, at the end there must be one main line of stringing process in which I have to divide in the four layers (and are something more like vertical parallel layers). All horizontal layers are sort of competitors for being my focal effort, located in this spine. It’s reserved for the most promising stringed scenario, the one that matches both sides of the string without loose ends.

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