Monday, September 30, 2013

Of diorama landscaping

The comfort zone given by thalassic state of creation is very hard to abandon. I could have been past that point a long time ago, but my principles are peculiar, since I’m so decisive about finding the most appropriate way to represent my emotions geographically. Without that being properly stringed the rest of process won’t be of any help.

But while I can’t really decide whether Ersatz is an independent opponent of Ilium or battle for the same possession of land because both ideas have their own alluring call, or what Lazurian should actually represent, I am finally coming with the best solution for creating the visual of my world. While it might not be precisely the answer as to the quintessential locations and placements, it’s at least helping me coming up with an identity for it.

Loose ends are tied up and Eva engines connect themselves as dioramas come into the stage as my secret fuel to create all those scenarios. After all, I don’t want to simply replicate landscapes I know in my life. No, thanks to diorama and its complex regurgitation effect, beautiful and original areas are coming to life.

Since I started understanding how they might work, I’ve realized I can make them very numerous, and when I see my mind is teeming with dioramas, I see they can connect somehow. After all, I can make gems slowly give way to other gems as landscapes change, so the countryside can slowly change to coastal area and vegetation can change, and roads can travel those fields and mountains, and slowly I can insert more peculiar dioramas, like the very primordial diorama, the German House By The Lake. I could add remote cottages, curious stone monuments, caves and dark towers on top of cliffs hanging over the violent sea.

This will be my chance to develop some sense of level design and mapping. But I’m not trying to come with overly fantastic places. No, I want some moderately natural scenarios, while I learn more about this diorama-making process. I am thinking mostly of fields, mountains, cliffs and caves and forests. There are structures as well, and I am trying some ideas for diorama-like regurgitations for castles and buildings as well, like using vortexes of buildings I like such the Kremlin or Hogwarts or Roman cathedrals which will influence a diorama-like creation of Ilium main palace.

There should be themes for some general regions. Some fields and prairies and mountains of countryside and Ersatz lands will have this eerie green tone to then, with lots of pine trees and fog. Fog and low clouds everywhere in these highlands. For Ilium I’m thinking of beautiful green fields, something actually Italian-spiced backgrounds, and some coastal blueness. And I see this helps me with grand doubts as to where I would place important locations in this world, as I feel the sea is important to me, so for instance, I already know Ilium will be found next to the coast.

Since this is my world, this must be something that must please me entirely. These fields and roads that I would most definitely love to roam and explore. There are places and memories I can’t visit or experience no more, so I can still visit them in this world. A lot of my lovely childhood will be brought into this.

So this is how crests and dioramas are finally being used for actual creation. While initially it might not follow the strict string principles, the diorama landscaping does follow the quintessential rule as I need to have them meaning something for me. These dioramas are quintessential creations, golden and pure like honey, only achieved through the complete digestion process.

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