Monday, September 30, 2013

Of non-utilitarian research

My mind is still too crowded with thalassic thoughts. And my mind overloads with a strange pressure as they’re still both unborn and unaborted. So I need to find at least one way to let them escape and free my mind a little bit.

One of these thoughts I’ve been having is a mindtrap regarding something like a short-guessed expectation of reality. It’s about the misinterpretation of cause and consequence and expecting a much short link between the two. It’s a reductionist view of the world as we exclude too many vertices of the process. In other terms, it’s about wanting solutions to come in short-term.

An example I have of this is when people judge some areas of study based on their utility. We have grown used to have the necessity to do something that will benefit mankind readily. Science suffers from that, let alone philosophy and art.

Maybe this is why I guilt myself for, by judging my thoughts and theories on how useful and practical and how good it is being for the world. But but but… this is what I’m good at. I think about the mind, and one day this could just unexpectedly influence the way people think and approach their subjects. It bears a nuclear potential and it can influence all fields of studies.

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