Monday, September 30, 2013

Of sublime storm goddesses

While I want to record those years of my life, I’m losing a lot of events behind. Only major and relevant events so far are being able to be recorded, and even still, very puzzling as to the ever-complex stringing process. Falling in love, and most importantly, being engaged in a romantic relationship is one of those events that deserve my attention to practice stringing.

One of the main characteristics of passion and love that I’ve come to learn, is that it can be beautiful and awe-inspiring, but also brute and destructive. The appearance of such an entity (or event, as I suppose there wouldn’t be gods in my fourth layer), changes things in my life, for better or worse. Not only I feel a change of generations, but depending on how impacting they can be, they can actually change the geography of the world, leaving scars and craters or then boost Ilium’s development (such as happened with the birth of this blog).

This is something that seems concerning to both Áine and Sfayi. Them two could be sorceresses, trying to tame this wild and all-powerful being with dual characteristics to their side. In this last appearance of such a sublime goddess she was shown curiously benevolent, so I’ve been calling her Iris as to all the grace she can bring. If any twist turns her against Ilium, she’ll become the dark Nyx and dark armies will stroll and her harpies can help the mutilation of the land.

As with most relationships that start so beautiful, this goddess might start with the mood of Iris, but through eventual misdeeds and misfortunes she might slowly (or worse, suddenly) become a terrible force of destruction which is absolutely terrible for Ilium.

One of the most interesting effects I’ve felt since the last storm though is that with the presence of Iris lots of fears I had are now fallen. Several insecurities I used to have were swept away by the winds of Iris (just realizing now she’s also close to Zephyrous Winds). Very curious, though, is how this is quite literally the Deus Ex Machina when I come to realize it, albeit not an intentional use of it.

However, the deepest source of the essence of Ersatz still feels rooted and showing an interesting and worrying reaction to finding a healing love in my life. I picture it, in one of the interpretations I have of Ersatz, as if a stormly being attacked by their forces, crudely repelled but wounded. I have no clue as to why there’s a resistance. Could be the instinct of survival of the parasite who’s long been feeding upon my energies. Perhaps Vesta and Áine could go along well in dealing with problems and obstacles with patience and a lighthearted carefreeness.

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