Monday, September 30, 2013

Of philosophy (blending art and science)

As I so often state, I don’t follow most of science’s steps except some of the most basic ones that are deeply essential to any studies. And as I am not being quite academic in my ways, I do quite guilt myself of being too much of a parasite in a world deeply explored and understood and manipulated and improved by computer programmers, physicists, engineers, biologists, chemists and many others.

But there’s a way I can contribute to science without actually doing science, or their science. I’m more of the human sciences group, but hey, who said those can’t be useful to the improvement of scientific thought or even advancement of technology?

Through philosophy and something of psychology as well it has been becoming a nuclear tool these discoveries improve people that those scientists are. And we’re all human, so we all need to understand more than just the science we study. Scientists and engineers have to be as creative and think out of the box as much as artists do.

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