Monday, September 30, 2013

Of string languages

One of the drivers that makes me long for stories to tell about myself is that I feel just words describing my own disturbances isn’t enough. The theoretical description isn’t enough to grasp all elements. There are things only stories can show about ourselves.

And then again, there are things words can get that stories can’t. Images can show what sounds can’t, and songs can communicate with our souls in ways none of the others can. Isolated they’re all incomplete, is what I’m saying.

A language can be any collection of symbols to express an idea. Aren’t kisses and touches a language to show our passion and love in way words can’t possibly dream of expressing? Aren’t there things that can only be perceiving by this emotional thought and any form of expression will make it be lost in any intersemiotical translation?

This makes me think of how string is really a study of semiotics (and how long I’ve been avoiding to grab a book about it as soon as possible). It’s about the modalities, and how each has a language of their own, how each one is appropriate for a certain type of message. It is left for me to think now what are exactly the messages each modality has a correlation with.

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