Monday, September 30, 2013

Of purity and innocence (children of Ilium)

Nostalgia can one perilous mermaid thought. The consequences of Erased Mind Effect makes the past always glow more than it used to be, but still, there are moments when nostalgia strikes me down to the core of my heart. And the past feels so appealing to me, like a return to more simpler times without nearly as much worry and sorrow.

As we grow through our adolescence and early adulthood, we’re mesmerized by the pleasures of adult life, but it wears off quickly. After enough exposure to the problems of the world, often people seek to find escapism constantly.

Our art today seems to primarily serve this purpose, to sooth people’s agitated and stressed souls. No wonder so many movies we love are the ones that allow us to move back to our childhood days. They’re a celebration of this beautiful innocence, like they’re trying to restore a feeling grown-ups have long lost.

In my stringed world, there is going to be a park to represent this magic and beautiful innocence that needs to be kept alive. This park is going to be influenced by the light material that I used to enjoy when I was a kid, and it’s a homage to these Brazilian series of comics and books. This is a minor quintessential dissidence of the essence of Hephaestus, as he’s fueled by still having this living child inside him.

As for string purposes, I’m a little concerned about this being a just too straight-forward adaptation to what it actually means to me, but I think that works nice, to think that these kids are what I need to preserve. They’re who I need to protect, they’re what ersatz mustn’t ever touch.

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