Monday, September 30, 2013

Of trapfallen ideas

Though I’m an avid collector of crests and gems and mindscapes, I am much more of a idea-hunter aficionado. I admit it, I do it to an extent that’s not good for any parties involved. There are times when it is even an unhealthy obsession, which can even ward off ideas in the circling proximity.

So I’ve got to seize strategies for ideas to come. There are artifices I have to use in order to call their attention. It’s about luring them, and making them feel comfortable with my presence. Frightened beings, ideas. They run away from lousy ones.

They are attracted to the scents of certain gems, it appears. But it’s always hard to see what gems they’re hungry for. It’s a very subtle skill, luring them, but I’m sure there are always certain particular crests that attract ideas like butterflies to our gardens.

The best strategy and also a quite hard one is for me to become a part of the ambient, so they won’t feel disturbed by my presence. As soon as the ambient calms down to its normal state, the ideas just start glowing, like fireflies, and I see them flying in front of me, and when I’m one with the ambient of ideas, I can dance around them. I can dance with them. We become one.

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