Monday, September 30, 2013

Of Innerverse

The most important creations for me have always been those that would take an immense of time to happen. Even if it’s just a simple name, if it’s the process of titling something very important I want it to be as round and fit and perfect as possible, and I’ll be very exigent. As it would be with a name for this string project, it took me a whole year to happen.

Perhaps I’ve found a suitable title for this project. I think it has a sounding name, and it’s even catchy enough to work. It might not be very maneuverable to be used in sentences freely, but it’s got the most important of all advantages: I think Innerverse works nice because its meaning strikes the reader immediately.

However, it’s still not the biggest milestone to stumble upon. There’s the relation of Ilium and Ersatz that still needs to be resolved and it’s going to determine the rest of the world. It’s taking a huge amount of time and so the whole mapping process is still waiting for it to evolve from the safety of thalassic zone.

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