Monday, September 30, 2013

Of character-o-rama and plot-o-rama

These mental abilities I often talk about are one strange kind. Old ones kind of disappear and depending on what I’m doing practicing in my life, new ones arise. So it’s a list that gets updated with constant addition and removal of items. But there’s one I think I might have always had, but seemed to be off my range of perception, so it’s never been actually worked upon.

These are two different skills that have the same operational engine, so to say. Basically, character-o-rama is how I’m calling the tendency I have to see items and objects and elements as characters. It’s how once I wrote of my gems like they were high-school students. It’s clearly one of my vital skills for stringing, as I see emotions as characters.

As for plot-o-rama, is about all the possible plots I can create based on most random events I see around me, in a stringed sort of way. For instance, the way water flows down the street and gets barricaded by a bunch of stones but then the weight of accumulated water pushes the stones away and keep flowing down. As for the stringing, it’s how I can see the battles of my emotions and personal injuries and accomplishments as plot-drivers.

And there it goes some those actually creative skills I have, to compensate this methodical organizer mind I’ve been practicing so much lately. I hope I can develop them properly to see where they can get, because as they are they already make me a little more confident I have what’s needed to be a good original writer.

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