Monday, September 30, 2013

Of mazes, corridors and locked rooms

There are secret places I want to be in, but they’re not in this world we live in. They’re states of mind. They are actual places in this innerverse, as the stringed representation of these ethereal places I find in my mind. One of these places would be stringing trances as one of Hephaestus main rooms of study.

It seems like the world is just constantly trying to prevent me from getting there, with all obligations and lack of time. To me that’s what suddenly feels important. Since it’s so secretive, it’s like when we were kids and the Forbidden was always an incentive to explore, instead of being discouraging.

The problem is, I find it hard to find this place – this state of mind. It has some requirements for this room to be unlocked. Maybe it’s such a special room that only Hephaestus has access to it (but I can’t switch characters to him easily), or maybe even he has difficulty to find it.

Sometimes I can just stumble upon it, but I really need to find the way through the maze that leads me to this place, or at least learn of its path, since it changes every time (since each time there’s a different crest calling).

Unfortunately, there’s not enough time for me to explore these mazes, which is a shame. If I had easy access to it, I feel I could just be so much more introspective, artistic and poetic if I didn’t spend most of my time warming up.

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