Monday, September 30, 2013

Of side-effect vertices

We are for some reason naturally inclined to have strange beliefs. And not rarely they seem to go against reality. Not rarely they are caused by the difficult situations of reality, and soaked in them we are expecting our troubles to end. Life does not work like that, most unfortunately.

The world runs on colateral effects. There are always consequences for what we do. Every single thing we do will have a consequence, and by dealing with this other one a new side-effect will happen, and they gather, and these side-effects become even more dangerous because they’re already affiliated to the original problem. If we can’t think ahead, these consequences will inevitably become na issue bigger than the original one.

One example of these side effects is when I take an antidepressant or a calming tea and they make me sleepy. And then I drink coffee and they it suddenly is bad for my already weakened stomach, and so I spend my days with heartburns and very indisposed, which brings me to lack of engaging activities and I swirl back into depression.

The aftergoal is present here, as the same thing goes for when I’m having something bothering me, and when I get what I think will make the problem be solved, there’s just a new consequent issue. Removing it will make you return to the initial problem, trying to remedy it will make the structure even more unstable and prone to rumble.

In the end, I think this fright of problems might just be because I’ve grown to dread dealing with them. It can pretty much ruin my life. I’m learning those who do enjoy life are those who don’t see problems as problems – either those who don’t care about them, and blatantly ignore them, and those that take joy in living with problems, seeing them as fun challenges.

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