Monday, September 30, 2013

Of halfborn dioramas and vortexes

In these landscaping exercises, I’ve been searching the world extensively for landscapes for my world, and whilst I do my daily commute, I’ve been noticing some places that call my attention every single day. And then I recalled an old idea of mine that fell into disuse.

All that call my attention I call a vortex. And if it calls my attention on a regular basis, then something very interesting is underneath. Its twin idea, Undercurrent, is present more for those equations and other behavioral analysis, as in here it’s something more personal, and it has to do with crests. That particular building near a park or that particular hut on top of a small rocky cliff call my attention because they appease me somehow.

This cliff reminds me of hills and mountains, and more specifically a house on top of hill I was watching once and I’ve got a nice mindscape, because it had only the blue sky behind it, and the moon in daylight close to it as I’ve always loved it. It was near the sea too, so things that were connected to the crests present in that particular mindscape call my attention due to the wehmut process and so other crests can be recalled.

The game gets crazy when I have to take in account this mindscape was already influenced by previous mindscapes that had other crests involved, such as the daylight moon one, and so it becomes a sort of insanely complex net of wires crossing through and combining with each other that is the source of dreams and dioramas.

Anyway, I’ve been paying attention to those vortex landscapes that attract my attention and I see they are already going through the diorama-making process. Some don’t seem to have gone through it entirely. So while they feel like dioramas, I do recognize they’re still actual places.

The process is working though, so maybe it just needs more brewing or digestion time

before regurgitation works. The important thing is, since the landscaping process started, it did work around the mechanics of dioramas, even if slightly, so in general terms I’m taking the right path. A nuclearity could be around.

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