Monday, September 30, 2013

Of micro and macro stringed framework

Frameworks fascinate me. For some reason, I just so love having this measured reality and seeing everything inside it, like it’s an ant colony. It’s something that gives me so much pleasure that I often wonder whether I’m obsessed with seeing things under control, or then having things under control.

Anyway, I’ve been rethinking about the Braudel’s Framework, one of the ideas I’ve got since before this blog was born, and that is always being so influential to me, even for things that go beyond the range of classification of events. It’s useful for just everything, from scale of importance to classification of thoughts.

But there’s this one use of it I think is quite cool, too. It’s not something entirely new, though, as it’s related to… strings. And not the Layers of String I often talk about, from (Me), Heaven, Hero and Human, which is a sort of reversed Braudelian framework that is most of artforms. No, I’m talking about the stringing of the individual’s life in comparison to a society’s.

I’m calling them micro for us individuals and macro for them nations and big civilizations. So as I can studying my own History and I can see clear parallels with events in any civilization.

It’s nothing new, since the description of my blog depicts this idea since ages ago. There’s always the glory and the fall, there’s always dark ages and renaissance, age of exploration, accumulated and neglected collateral effects that lead to big wars, then cynicism, etc.

That’s one of the best thesis I’d like to develop in here, and so deepen the roots of my foundations. Understanding those relations between individual and society is one quest of high sociological and anthropological value, and if I didn’t have so many ideas already, this one could be another proposal for a master thesis…

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