Monday, September 30, 2013

Of Shiva’s Slit

No wonder studying mythologies are great for the comprehension of ourselves. They can fed us with such deep content. They often offer the very wise messages for us, and it’s one of the reasons I want to string myself into a mythological sort of story, because I want to do something like a reverse engineering with it.

One of the last impacting lessons I’ve taken from studying mythologies is the duality and the eternal cycle between creation and destruction. The interesting thing for me is that they have a god of destruction, called Shiva, but it isn’t a demonized creature like our western mythologies would have it credited. Instead, it’s just the part of the cycle of life needed for maintain life working. Only destruction is as much prejudicial as only creation. Sole creation leads to chaos.

It’s a great lesson, and something I need to practice doing. Just destroy things a little bit. Indeed, too much creation and too many parallel possibilities is making my mind feel really chaos for sure.

This hinduist principle of destruction for renovation and order feels each time more relevant to me, the more I think about it. Should’ve realized this sooner, and maybe this should be kept in my golden box of my most important lessons and principles.

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