Monday, September 30, 2013

Of roots, deep roots

Probably the gravest problem I have and that hurts me the most is how I’m constantly comparing myself to others. It’s very poignant and takes away my confidence completely, though there just shouldn’t be a reason for that to happen. After all, I’m just taking a different path than most do.

The existence of things like the Quintessential Rule show that I am worried about making things that are solid and standing. It’s all about making the foundations of this universe solid and well-structured. It’s about making it deep and significant. I don’t want this to be a casual creation.

I’m trying to develop some thesis that would help me make my work feel a goddamn lot more solid. These would be like academic theories, though I’m releasing them here. I have the strong belief that if I keep studying Jung and Campbell and their line of thought I’m going to strengthen my roots even more.

The Tankobon Thesis can involve any point I want to get through with the stringing (so showing the idea, not telling it), but it’s more prominent the field of psychology, which seem good enough for now, as well as philosophy and history. Not that it’s actually enough, but I’m really lacking a fortification of my foundations with solid knowledge on sociology, anthropology, politics and economy. Somehow, having a practical use for the knowledge I want to acquire, I think it might be easier to process.

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