Monday, September 30, 2013

Of silver-ignited trances

Though I’ve been thinking about gentle foreplays to start working my way into trances for activities, and that quite requires the Amber gem for me to put the world out my door, I’ve been thinking that for having trances and for having the ideas, there’s one other gem that seems to be so much more effective.

The Silver gem, the one dealing with sciences and graphics and science-y words works very frequently in making my way into getting myself into seeing patterns and equations and understand better the formulas of the world. Somehow it’s about the words and method and line of thought that inspires me.

There’s a podcast I listen to which I usually save for when I seem to be running dry of inspiration, and there’s hardly any session when I can’t get myself at least three new entries of topics I want to give myself some thought.

Maybe the real key is that I’m being fed content, and so my mind starts devouring it immediately. It’s even one of my worst problems, the way I can get astray from readings so goddamn easily, though not always having productive thinking.

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