Monday, September 30, 2013

Of metacreation project

It’s taking a really long time to make any presentable versions of my Innerverse. The ones I’ve shown to friends is like alpha version or some early version. So far all have enjoyed the premisses, and I think that explaining to them how I’m creating it has been what’s been interesting them the most.

In fact, I also have fun in making it my hobby that I work in my spare time, brick by brick. I don’t want to be hurried, but I want to enjoy every step of it. More than that, I want to record it down. I want to register my difficulties and how I try to solve the problems I have, and how they bring some side-effects or snowball consequences.

This blog has been becoming the recording of the creation, and understanding its processes as it slowly becomes a thalassic idea that is growing into a very ambitious pelagic project. So in the end the value of what I’m doing is more than having the world in my hands, but also the whole book that its becoming to record it...

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