Monday, September 30, 2013

Of pelagic momentum of consciousness

Brick by brick, I’m slowly unravelling the true purpose of the quest I have in here. Not that I’d expect it to have one single objective, but I’m really tracing down the connections that all these little ideas have in common. And as I have once said, instead of finding a restricting definition of what I really want, I’m finding it to be quite rewarding as I’m discovering myself, and the sooner I get the hang of what has been tickling me, I feel more comfortable to chase down other ideas.

Anyway, as I’ve settled at the beginning of the year, I am longing to understand the creativity and the process of creation. The more I understand the mind and how it digests things we see and the way those things are regurgitated, the better I think I’ll be at improving nuclearly my creative efforts, and transform those ethereal sparkles into actual ideas and practical projects.

So I’m trying to use my forces to understand those cognitive steps, and how my mind flashes and bleeps and do its mindy things. It’s a process that’s extraordinarily fast, and so this methodic categorization helps me in knowing what elements gleam and disappear so instantly in this cognitive process. For instance, the gems are things that have their quintessences gleaming and I know then they had something to do with the event.

This way I can then analyze this gem alone, without the rapid physics of cognitive happenings. When the particular crest and gem comes back hooded in disguise as it’s a common deal, I can also spot its “species” or so to say, and so I can be less baffled by the whole mess that are those quintessential moves.

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