Friday, November 30, 2012

Of autotelic release

As far as I have been researching, the trance experience is known out there. In psychology, it is known as Flow, but it can also be known as Maslow’s Peak Experiences (it could be a Worldly Lesson in a certain way). One of the ways it is also known is as an autotelic experience.

An autotelic experience is said to be an activity or task in which the pleasure comes from the very realization of the activity, and the realization alone. No compromise and expectation of outerior response. And as far as I could understand in my own exercises, it’s when I easily connected to what I am doing. It’s when I am finally enjoying the present.

One of the reasons trances are out of reach to me is when I don’t feel a sense of purpose towards what I am doing. Even when I feel the activity itself seems to hold no value to me (or even when I know it has, like reading a book, but I have hard time connecting with the reading). Or then I’m hindered by something else bothering me, some thalassic hindrance that I am struggling to understand.

Also, when trying to develop a more autotelic experience I am also probably going to resolve one big problem with the release and its toll. After all, I have a guess on what weighs the toll of release: it’s an expected result or aftergoal towards it. If I don’t make the release with so much expectation to get somewhere, and just be some, huh, autotelic release.