Friday, November 30, 2012

Of Worldly Teachings

There is an inconsistency in the original concept of Worldly Lessons. I kept thinking about it for some time, admittedly trying to convince myself it didn’t sport any glaring crack that required a whole text just to try to clean up the confusion it would bring. Clearly it didn’t work.

The problem is that while I learn things from the world, they were all very different in one level or another. Still, I couldn’t come to think any of them wasn’t an actual worldly lesson, as I felt they did share the primordial and most important similarity. But there are differing elements that have their relevance.

The main divergence I see is that most lessons weren’t actually expressed by the author. It is and will forever be a mystery whether authors were aware of the layers and concepts I’ve noticed. I have the slight feeling these cautionary worldly lessons, the mistakes the author made and I hope I can avoid, wasn’t really on purpose, but the simple fact that it was there for me to learn a lesson, makes it count as a Worldly Lesson.

However, there are some few that are different, as they are directly taught lessons. I’ll call them Worldly Teachings. It wasn’t some undercurrent of their work I was labeling. It wasn’t something I absorbed from analysis but ideas fully perceived by the author and  explained to the reader/viewer.