Friday, November 30, 2012

Of needs to answer and needs to silence

Some sylvan quintessences can avoid my taming attempts for years on end. There’s this one in special that wanders from the corners of my mind just when I have enough sensibility of trances for its presence to feel faintly shaped. It’s something about life presenting us events and choices with consequences so extraordinarily more ambiversive than we can normally grasp.

One of these questions that I stumble upon frequently and that seems slightly related to this ambivalence is the presence of several needs I feel my heart expressing. To follow my heart means getting to extremes that can be too imprudent and dangerous, while at the same time, ignoring it can be interpreted as fright and cowardice. There’s a conflict in here while I feel my heart shouting exigencies. There are things it wants me to do, and I don’t think I want them. But how do I know that silencing them is a wise thing to do, or if I am just being coward?

The whole problem revolves around the fact it is impossible to understand every detail of their nature and consequences. I have no idea to how I can possibly know whether I answer to or silence these urges, after all, I know I am not looking at all the vertices that surround it. I don’t know all the positive and negative feedbacks that the choice would bring.