Friday, November 30, 2012

Of four reigns (four cultural themes)

As I can grow used to all these character-forces I am dealing with, slowly I can find their similarities and a quintessential marble starts being formed to define the group that grows more and more edged as time goes on. Luckily, they are getting in shape of a story with a decent harmony with their quintessential shapes.

And so all matters regarding time for now on I’ll try to use asiatic names for the reign I’m calling Zhàn Empire (which is a Chinese word that I tried to make sure it can at least slightly resemble occupation – I wanted something one word that could mean ‘the lasting one that stands over the fallen enemies of the south’). This is my chance to show my adoration to asian cultures, like Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Mongolian, or even some Indian or, huh, those dozens of small countries around. The choice of asian theme is mostly because there are the long-lasting civilization of our world, and the asian religions seems to me the ones that deal well with notion of time and death.

Sfayi’s reign, whenever I feel it’s due, I’ll try to resort to middle-eastern names for all this reality that also feels too far from me. Sfayi means “the one who gives pleasure”, and it comes from the graphic novel called Habibi, and in this story lies a contrasting difference between the richness and poverty. There are literal walls putting the rich and poor apart. It’s interesting to see a woman in power in a muslim-inspired reign, but the situation is actually perfect as it is. For now I think I’ll call it Lazurin,which actually sounds French, but French is a cute language and it fits the concept of this reign. The name isn’t really fitting, but that’s a good test without risking much.

The reign and clans actually closer to me are those of Ushag, Frosq and Raseri, which are more brute and crass (conveniently below Sfayi’s lands). I try to use Germanic names for them, because they feel raw and crude to me. But I’ll take ideas from Nordic folklore or other Scandinavian and Celtic and even some Slavic names. There is a lot of complexity in the arrangement of characters in here as there seems to be at least three different clans without a defined sovereignty. But I think I’ll give it one name for them: this is the Ersatz region, which stands in the way of the Lazurin kingdom.

So, while Zhu Rong comes from an Asiatic reign, Áine and Trygve came from the Germanic one (Áine is the name of an irish goddess, while Trygve is a Scandinavian name), Hephaestus and Vesta come from the reign that is actual the reign that fights against the others, and is the headquarter of the Fire Ensemble.

If Hephaestus was called Vulcan, he and Vesta would both be roman gods (not that Vulcan will really be less greek), but hey, Roman Empire is greatly based on the Greek culture. They can be like master and disciple in this Greco-roman inspired reign. Hell, this even explains the references to renaissance I have for the definition of the blog.

So I started searching for latin-named cities. Somehow those starting with ‘L’ felt good. And soon, another sparkle of clever creativity came to me (as I’ve reached high Alpha-Gamma levels, and over 750t in trance), a name that would indicate the presence of a lion (why lion? It was a choice made of Q.Wisdom, I don’t know). It would be leo-something, but I couldn’t find the later part. Could be Leorium, but I can’t decide this early. It could also be something around Ilion or Ilium (Troy), some word that goes around the words idyllic or elysian.

As a working name, I’ll stay with Ilium, as I can also use some inspiration from the Greco-trojan wars. Scourgers will have their victory either by defeating Hephaestus, or bringing Trygve to their side (and he could be one true Trojan horse – great, I can ever force their pronunciation close), but maybe it’s the woman they’ve lost to the enemy, Áine, they want back.

In conclusion, following the north and south rule, it is apparent to me that the city of Ilium is in the south, while there’s the Ersatz region above it, and then the Lazurin reign, and more distant, maybe to the west, lies the Zhán Empire. If there is a change to come, I’ll deal with it further.