Friday, November 30, 2012

Of Hakr’s Hourglass

Although I started feeling it in early November days, I know this realization it is related somehow to October Wars. The way it was first told it wasn’t really accurate, so this terrible new scourger could have been present there. Or it could’ve been exactly the reason behind Frosq’s grin. It could have meant the entrance of this new scourger, whom I am calling Hakr. And indeed the true awakening of this feeling has changed something in me.

Hakr means to me the burden of mortality, and this quintessence shares an incredible similarity to the feeling I call Frosq, as I question what’s important and meaningful to do in life. But there’s no need for a RQ Trial, as they are only neighboring quintessence, because Hakr is about the finiteness of my time, the strangely powerful realization that it will all be gone one day. All life, all joy, all friends, all struggles and worries. And everything dies and the planet will keep rolling around the sun.

It has changed something in Hephaestus, as he was cursed with the strong realization of limited time. This curse is represented with an hourglass to symbolize Hakr’s meeting with Hephaestus. Strangely, instead of making Hephaestus just rush against the ominous sandfall, it brings him immobile and sad. He’s been pale and quiet in a manner that makes all worried.

If the terrible Hephaestus’ Fever wasn’t already caused by this before I realized it, it at least made it much more aggravating. It makes all the zeal I have for all of the world suddenly zilch down low, but even when it seems there’s a recovery coming back, the Hourglass is always there to make him remember it wasn’t just a bad dream.