Friday, November 30, 2012

Of Jobs’ Joint

Lack of focus is a constant in my life. If I’m not careful, or even if I’m trying to be, I’ll find myself engaged with a different activity every time I call awareness of myself. Although this lets me win some flexibility that comes from making our hands and head out of vices, there’s the worry that I am doing something that will never add anything to my life.

But as quintessential wisdom goes, all we do, even if so seemingly pointless, there’s always a secret purpose for it in the future, just as if our mind knew that every little exercise of skill would have its importance to my development.

It’s one legitimate Worldly Teaching as it is taught minutely by Steve Jobs, saying that when he was young he just decided, out of thin air or something, to assign to a typography class, and one day he learned that skill would be so important for him to create the font and typography of Apple products.

There’s something about this Q. Wisdom that, as represented here, could be thought as an almost supernatural ability of the mind. And it could be, but I see it more as something related to the idea of closed systems. There is something about the task we see in front of us that our mind can recognize unconscious responses with patterns similar to the actual skill we are trying to focus on.