Friday, November 30, 2012

Of Zhàn Empire

In my mind lies a hovering menace over all. It’s not constantly present, and even its perception isn’t always scorching, but it is something I can’t fight against. And so, with a presence so abstract and distant, it’s only rarely that I feel it dreadful. The Zhàn Empire is a fit representation for it, my scourging perception of time. It represents the world and its lastingness in comparison to my mortal efforts.

Now, according to the nature of Scourgers, this wouldn’t merely represent time, but the ominous pressure it can be over me (just like Sfayi and Qareen aren’t to represent people out there, but how interaction results inside me). As I’m not frequently brought down by notion of time, it’s as if the Zhàn Emperor is not even finding my Flames more menacing than flies. There is, however, a feeling of urgency I feel constantly, and this could be represented through the aura of menace with rumors and morbid incidents happening in unsuspecting nights.

Although there could be agents from that Empire I can call Scourgers and that are more frequent to me, like the recent appearance of Hakr. The interesting thing about it is that the Lead Army isn’t belonging to that Empire. Although it is related to Hakr, possibly the emperor, it doesn’t feel much like a matter of time pressure. It is a force that Frosq and Ushag exert dominance.

However, the most important aspect about this empire is the idea that Zhu Rong comes from there, and voilà, the main discrepancy of the Fire Ensemble is finally resolved.
I think I’ve made a jump too big in definition, and making Zhu Rong having this origin is more aesthetical choice than a quintessential definition. So who Zhu Rong was there it is still a mystery to all, including myself.