Friday, November 30, 2012

Of Skurida’s Seasoning

Anything that gives me hope of change and improvement calls my attention immediately. As I keep finding my work always lacking the soul and life, even the smallest rumor of finding one trick that can allow my skills season to blossom makes me fascinated and hopeful.

The idea isn’t about simply practicing. Although it can happen involuntarily along the way, I can’t help but think there was one stupendous trick someone would have learned that was the secret ingredient for making their art so splendid. How edges can be polished and something so vague can rise up in quality like this?

It comes from listening to this Russian band called Veter Vody. Their debut album, Svistospliaska, shows some very dense quintessences that makes the music extraordinary in terms of creating emotional responses in me. And as I’d search their discography, I’ve found one previous EP, called Gaoth Dobhair, which felt like some generic music. Nice, but I wouldn’t be able to tell it was the same band. And something happened in the way to the first full-release, Svistopliaska, in which the songs were so alive and catchier and all.

Often I wonder what lesson did Den and Maria learn there. What was their trick? Did they sell their soul to the devil or something?