Friday, November 30, 2012

Of Thalassic Thoughts (undefined underwater shapes)

There is a place in my mind where existing shapes haven’t really decided about existing. It will take a while before they actually learn of the idea of being shapes, and only then shapes will be chosen. In this place figures are still dim, and their presence is so subtle that the acknowledgement of their existence happens in strange ways.

This area of my mind, or rather the material that is in this state I’ll be calling Thalassic Thoughts. They are thoughts from beyond the corners of my mind, and they haven’t become real enough. But it’s by naming these vague shapes that I can be a little more aware of them, and direct my attention to them. Because it’s from there all ideas and creations come from.

Regurgitation and other creative processes start around here, including even the musical quintessences. Unmasking or perceiving those events, or bringing them to my range of consciousness is how ideas seem to be shaped. As for the characters, their images are still in thalassic levels, roughly formed by similar characters I’ve seen in illustrations, movies and games, and then building tiles together to create something new.

This is an important observation that can really improve my understanding of crests. It’s from that rim of formation of thoughts that I sense some crests happening, whatever that means. It is in thalassic levels that crests shout faint cries, and it’s through soul-reaching attempts that I can get to cross the division veil and get the gathered quintessences disassembled.