Friday, November 30, 2012

Of proto-dioramas

As I keep investigating my mind for information about these mysterious dioramas, I’ve been finding other experiences that are similar to them. However, some of them aren’t just as concrete, as if they were not yet mature for being called dioramas. Some are scenarios that come to my imagination with minimum stimuli, but they don’t present the same solidity for me to wander through or blend them like actual dioramas. These transitory dioramic structures are what I’m calling proto-dioramas.

They behave like dioramas as being quintessences of crests that can be disassembled in tile-like elements of a whole scenario. That is, it happens when I experience a crest like a combination of Garnets and Peridots from this church courtyard and previous experiences from these gem crests are available for me to build a vision in my head, a sort-of ready scenario that can be ‘explored’ like actual dioramas, but only available while I am experiencing this crest.

There is one vision I have in my head which I can’t still identify as being this proto-diorama or almost a full diorama, but it’s something I call Surreal Horizon. One defining aspect of it is that this is built from my dreams, and I actually remember the one it is from, dreamt years ago. And I think this is getting more solid as sometimes I feel it’s even connectable to the Cloudy Highway diorama. And also there’s the Scandinavian Rain, which is from an experience I had as a child and that’s related to the the German Farmhouse and even the Church Courtyard from above.

It’s tricky to go about calling them proto-dioramas, as I am not sure if they will become future dioramas themselves or another dangerous returning quintessence on the subject, or a rash mixture of gems and dioramas and crests, which would be a strange mess. And sincerely, I feel this idea of proto-diorama is a bold step beyond what even I can actually confirm, so this is mostly an experimental text to see if I can possibly describe what I am seeing.