Friday, November 30, 2012

Of time-surviving layers

It takes some practice, but one can feel time when watching the cityscape. Following any street, I start feeling the age of the buildings, elderly places looking tired and oppressed among the young and modern buildings in a rush to get everything done right now.

The city has buildings that survive time and show all the different ages it has been through. Side by side we have different styles of architecture, showing the passage of time through it. It is the idea of elements that survive time stay and get along with new things, which can either survive time too or be erased like old buildings that didn’t make it as well.

It has an equation behind it that I can also feel in my ideas. Some I use from the very beginning of my blog, while some are recent. In my inventory of skills, some are used constantly because they at the peak of their evolution, like the early skill of learning how to walk, others are recent skills in which I try to sort out the most complex case of Rubik’s Vertices of them all… dealing with people.