Friday, November 30, 2012

Of risk and reward

It’s strange how there are rewards that we must go against our instincts to achieve. For most of what we get in life, it’s through constant fighting with our own nature, it’s by going through risk, going where there’s pain and stress. There’s despair and agony, and it’s strange that one day someone just realized there was something to take from this by accepting this insane journey voluntarily.

As release and restraint seemed to have done an unexpectedly positive result in measuring reality, I’ve been slowly trying to figure out other similar equations, and the thought of risk and reward seem to do a pretty job as well (could be nice if they were all R&R themes – for Reality!). Risk and reward have to do with how much one has to be against the comfort in order to find the recompense.

Now, I don’t think risk is to be used like actual risk, having things on stake. It’s more doing that which is challenging, or doing what is right instead of what is easy. For instance, when saving money, one isn’t exactly in risk, but making sacrifices in order to have a more tranquil future (though it could be one metatrap, as you’re fleeing from the risk of  facing a rough future).

The risk and reward work by the premise they are directly proportional. The higher the risk and trouble, it is commonly a higher reward to be given in return. One can go through life by avoiding risk, but also declining the possibility of getting rewards. Also, risk and reward can be used along with the release and restraint, because I don’t see why they shouldn’t.

The importance of this new pair is because it makes me gauge myself in relation to risk and reward. I am someone afraid of going out for the risks. Maybe that explains how short of rewards I feel (and how feeble the ones I have are).